Restaurant Menu

Antipasti Plate – Italian Pastrami, Milano Salami, Spanish Chorizo and Prosciutto with mixed Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic dip. Served with Crusty Bread.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy
Burrata Salad – Semi Soft Italian Cheese on a bed of rocket (arugula) and Semi Sundried Tomatoes topped off with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and flaked sea salt. Perfect for two.
Contains: Dairy
Irish Cheese Board – A selection of 3 Cheeses served with Crackers and Red Onion Relish
Contains: Gluten – Dairy
Tortilla Chips – Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips smothered with Chunky Salsa, Irish Cheddar Cheese, Italian Mozzarella and Green Jalapeños. Topped with a dollop of Cool Sour Cream.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy
Bowl of mixed olives – Served with freshly cut bread.
Pizzas – All our pizzas are 12 inch Thin and Crispy
The Margherita – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, topped with Moroccan Oregano.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Goat – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Red Onion, Ardsallagh Goats Cheese, Sun-blushed Tomatoes, drizzled with Basil Pesto and topped with Fresh Rocket.  Contains:
Gluten – Dairy – Nuts  
The Diablo – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Hot and Spicy Italian Pepperoni, Red Onion and Green Jalapeños. Sprinkled with Chili Flakes and garnished with Fresh Rocket. 
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Blue Peach – Our homemade base is drizzled with Garlic infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil topped with Cashel Blue Cheese, Italian Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions and Sliced Peaches.  Finished with Chopped Walnuts, Fresh Rocket and a Balsamic Glaze.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy – Nuts  
The Pizza España – Rich Tomato Sauce, Spanish Manchego Cheese, Mozzarella, Spanish Chorizo, Roasted Peppers and Red Onion topped with Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley. 
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Florentine – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Wilted Baby Leaf Spinach, Mushrooms, Crispy Pancetta and Quails Eggs. Finished with Cracked Black Pepper.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy – Eggs  
The Carnivore – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Red Onion, Italian Meat Balls, Spicy Pepperoni, Spanish Chorizo
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Tikka – Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, Tikka Marinated Chicken with Red Onion.  Topped with Fresh Spring Onion and Coriander. Drizzled with a Yoghurt, Mint and Cumin Dressing.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Crab – Tomato Sauce, locally sourced Fresh Crab Meat, Mozzarella and Mature Irish Cheddar mix, topped with Fresh Tarragon and Black Pepper.  Contains:
Gluten – Dairy – Shellfish  
The Hawaii Five ‘O’– Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella, locally sourced home cooked Ham, Sweet Pineapple chunks, toasted Coconut. Finished with a drizzle of Maple Syrup and Fresh Rocket
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Parma– Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella topped with Parma Ham, shavings of Parmesan Cheese and fresh Rocket. Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Napoli– Tomato Sauce, Italian Mozzarella topped with Anchovies and Black Olives. Finished fresh Rocket.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy  
The Pudding – Italian Mozzarella with our Tom sauce…. Topped with local Black Pudding, Ardsallagh Goats Cheese and Crispy Pancetta. Drizzled with ‘Camo’s Spiced Apple Chutney.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy
The Spicy Prawn – Italian Mozzarella with our Tom sauce . Topped with Quinlan’s fresh Prawns with Semi-Sunblushed Tomatoes, Mixed Olives. Sprinkled with Chilli Flakes and Dollops of Mascarpone Cheese.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy – Shellfish
Pizza Bambini Meal Small Margherita Pizza topped with Ham, Pepperoni or pineapple. Includes Juice or Soft Drink.
Contains: Gluten – Dairy